We’ve been workin’, workin’, workin, rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, keep those doggies rollin’, etc., the sparkling new lineup of the Claudettes. See the photos page and stay tuned for new recordings. In the meantime, see the photos page to look at us and the shows page to mark your calendars to come see us. Or, camp out outside our Ukrainian Village practice space and gawk/stalk.

New recording, new band members and other novelties

Hey hey!
We just finished recording a heap of new hot-stuff tracks with the Claudettes’ new singer, Berit Ulseth. Yana is off and running with theater/TV/film stuff, and can’t be bothered with the machinations of our admittedly overbearing overlord Claudette. We are now also featuring the many-splendored talents of singer/bassist Zach Verdoorn…come and see us soon (see the new showdates, which will greatly expand before long)!


New video: “She’s So Imaginary”

Hey, hey. We’re working nonstop on new songs and demos this winter, after our dizzyingly busy 2015. While we’re hunkered down, please watch the new Claudettes video. It’s for the song “She’s So Imaginary” from our new album NO HOTEL. The song and the video mean a whole lot to the band; please read the back story, and watch the video, here on Innocent Words. Off with you!

Tour rolls east…videos in the bullpen…

Hey now!
We hit my former hometowns Philly and NYC, and my birth state (NJ) this week, plus Pittsburgh, D.C. and Cleveland, then move into Ohio, Indiana and Detroit next week. See all details on the showdates page. Come and spread the word, please! The new album NO HOTEL has made some good people say some great things. We’ll update the press page soon. And, coming soon, TWO new music videos! Don’t turn that dial…

NO HOTEL is here!

The official release date isn’t ’til Sept. 18, but you can pre-order NO HOTEL here, and if you attend one of the dozens of shows listed on our Shows page, rest assured: we’ll have advance copies with us. It begins in St. Louis and Urbana this weekend. In the meantime, Mirza, one of Yana’s vocal tracks from NO HOTEL, is the “Ear Candy” feature on this website’s home page, and you’ll also find Big Easy Women from NO HOTEL on the music page!


Dog Dayz of Summer

We are giddy that we get to play with Mr. Bobby Bare Jr. at the one-of-a-kind Chicago summer fest Dog Dayz of Summer this June!
Here’s the web page for the event.

We play Sunday June 28 at 5 p.m. It’s a Hot Doug’s/Goose Island joint. Get your tix, smarty!

Man oh man…busy, busy, busy

Summer and fall tour dates, from way out west to “back east” are pouring in. No time to post ’em right now…too busy booking ’em. But we will soon–lots. AND: album-release news is coming, very soon.
Please report back to this room after lunch…we should have it all straightened out by then…
In the meantime, here’s a picture of Caskey bein’ Caskey!