“The Claudettes Go Out!”…the new album out 10/14!

Hi, lovies. Our new album “The Claudettes Go Out!” comes out on Forty Below Records on October 14. Please go pre-order it here. It’s one very fine thing that came out of a worldwide pandemic. Read about the sessions that went into it here.

We have 18 shows left in 2022, in IL, MI, WI, IN and IA. See our showdates page for details (we still have a show or two to add to that page). And if you haven’t already, sign up for Claudettes emails via the signup cell on this website’s homepage.

Come see us soon, and have fun, and take chances, and have adventures, xo,
The Claudettes

Two new singles are out…could a whole album be around the corner?

We’ve been busy beavers, you know. Please go and stream or download our new singles “Time Won’t Take Our Times Away” and “Park Bench.”

Here are some nice pieces that detail the stories behind the songs: via Medium and Big Takeover.

Next single (with a sassy video) comes in July.

We have shows coming up all over the globe…really…go ‘n’ see, then go ‘n’ see!

Keep in touch with us on Instragram, Facebook, Twitter, but mostly in real life, OK? xo,
The Claudettes

“How I Spent My Pandemic”

Well, well, hello
If you could see us through the Weird Green Fog that is this COVID-19 miasma, you’d see:
We never stopped writing and recording.
We’ve been playing shows.
We are planning a lot of shows from spring through fall.

See our Shows page, and get ready to hear a wealth of new Claudettes songs, some paired with videos. In the meantime, stay foxy and frisky, wherever you are! xo,
The Claudettes

“Kept Them in the Dark”…moving into the light…

Click here to see every way to hear/download our new single “Kept Them in the Dark.” Here’s the PopMatters premiere page of its lyric video; this gets into the song’s origins and sonics, too.

Soon we’ll be adding showdates. We’ll be doing the “High Times in the Dark” tour that couldn’t happen in 2020. Here’s every way to hear/get the album.

It’s been a bad year for so many. As for us, we had two European tours deleted and shows all over North America, too. We did, though, get busy in our locked-down homes, writing and making demos, and we greatly look forward to playing these new songs in a venue or at a festival near you soon.

Band practices start….n…….now! xo,
The Claudettes

Watch “The Sun Will Fool You”

“On the closing, utterly heartbreaking ‘The Sun Will Fool You,’ Berit Ulseth alternates effortlessly from knowing chanteuse to childlike innocence in a blink. Frankly, her work here is captivating”–LA Weekly

“The Claudettes set a lingering mood with ‘The Sun Will Fool You’ as Ulseth’s ethereal voice and Iguana’s piano sweetly sing a sad ballad that would not be out of place in an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical”–NPR

The Claudettes’ “The Sun Will Fool You” video (created by Daniel Vincent Bigelow and Talon Nightshade) has been selected by film festivals in California, Russia, the UK, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina…now you can see it here:

And two places to get the new album:

xo, hope to see you soon,
the Claudettes

The Claudettes LASH OUT! at the pandemic…with special guests

Hi everybody. This is great fun, watch this, our song in which we bitch about this %$#@!-ing pandemic. Taken from the YouTube page:

The Claudettes TRASH the pandemic with “I Wash My Hands of This”! Special guests, in order of appearance:

Clownvis: “The King of Clowns”(entertainer extraordinaire) http://www.clownvismafia.com/

Eszter Balint: avant-garde theater (Squat Theatre), independent-film (“Stranger Than Paradise”) and TV (“Louie”) actress and mesmerizing musician: https://eszterbalint.com/

Ralphi Rosario: Grammy-nominated remixer (Rihanna, Beyonce, Madonna) and pioneer of Chicago house music: http://www.ralphirosario.com/

Norwood Fisher: Trailblazing ska-punk-funk bassist of Fishbone, Trulio Disgracias: https://ropeadope.com/news/2019/11/22…

Peter Holsapple: Co-founder of the dB’s, member of Continental Drifters, has played with R.E.M., Hootie & the Blowfish and many more, recorded stellar solo albums: http://omnivorerecordings.com/peter-h…

Will Butler: Core member of Arcade Fire, multi-instrumentalist, Oscar-nominated film composer (“Her,” 2014): https://www.mergerecords.com/will-butler

The Claudettes recorded and filmed “I Wash My Hands of This” at each of their four homes in Chicago in May 2020. Song written by Johnny Iguana, audio mixed and mastered by Anthony Gravino.


We’ve been waiting for this day…and yet we’re stuck at home.
But please looky here: the album via the Forty Below Records store plus Spotify, Apple, Google…all that:

And this press about the new album is growing every day and is so very pleasing…please see: https://theclaudettes.com/press/

Please get the album and blast it ’til we can see you in a real live room again!

Album: yes! Tour: umm…

Please DO get “High Times in the Dark,” our new album available on CD or purple vinyl, here!

See our press page for what “they” are saying already, and, really, we are so excited and proud of this album.

As for the dates on our “shows” page: we’re keeping them up as a sort of “what might have been”…but, yes, our April and May shows are not happening. We hope to revisit all those places later on. As for the rest of the dates, please stay tuned.

And stay healthy and make fun for yourself and learn some new things and stay in shape.

See you soon…please follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we’ll update often and probably stream some things.

xoxo (yes, even now, xoxo),
The Claudettes