The Claudettes began as a piano-drums experiment, of the mad-scientist variety, via two albums on Yellow Dog Records. Find those here and here. They feature band founders Michael Caskey (aka Bunny Patootie) and Johnny Iguana (oka Johnny Iguana).

After “Infernal Piano Plot…HATCHED!” and “No Hotel” came three albums and an unplugged-style EP, all featuring bassist/guitarist/vocalist Zach Verdoorn and singer Berit Ulseth: “Dance Scandal at the Gymnasium,” “Pull Closer to Me” (those can be found via Yellow Dog Records here), “High Times in the Dark” and “The Claudettes Go Out!” (those can be found via Forty Below Records here and here).

Rachel Williams became the Claudettes’ lead singer in December 2022, and we have premiered two videos/singles as this quartet so far: “No Matter How Much” and “Touch You Back.”  Expect new videos, more singles and a full album soon. In the meantime, read thoughts on our music, come see us live and follow us everywhere!!