We’ve been waiting for this day…and yet we’re stuck at home.
But please looky here: the album via the Forty Below Records store plus Spotify, Apple, Google…all that:

And this press about the new album is growing every day and is so very pleasing…please see:

Please get the album and blast it ’til we can see you in a real live room again!

Album: yes! Tour: umm…

Please DO get “High Times in the Dark,” our new album available on CD or purple vinyl, here!

See our press page for what “they” are saying already, and, really, we are so excited and proud of this album.

As for the dates on our “shows” page: we’re keeping them up as a sort of “what might have been”…but, yes, our April and May shows are not happening. We hope to revisit all those places later on. As for the rest of the dates, please stay tuned.

And stay healthy and make fun for yourself and learn some new things and stay in shape.

See you soon…please follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we’ll update often and probably stream some things.

xoxo (yes, even now, xoxo),
The Claudettes



Yellow Dog Records & Bandcamp: 100% Day TOMORROW (3/20)

This post is from Yellow Dog Records, who released the first four Claudettes recordings. Even if you have all four, please get six and give ’em out…tomorrow only…thank you, please read:

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and its catastrophic effect on musicians, Bandcamp is waiving its share of artist revenues on Friday March 20 – and Yellow Dog Records is following suit by passing every dollar of its March 20 Bandcamp sales to its artists.

Read the full details at , and tomorrow, Friday March 20, visit to show that you are with musicians 100%!

NPR, Billboard, No Depression…they’re on board!

Don’t listen to my stupid mouth, listen to them talk about the Claudettes and our new album (much more to come; album is still a month away from release, though you should pre-order it HERE!):

NPR feature HERE

And their NPR “Slingshot” Spotify playlist includes our song “Declined,” which is pretty sweet

Billboard feature HERE

No Depression feature HERE

American Songwriter feature HERE

We added some international dates to our shows page. And most importantly: we’re writing all the time. Life might be short, and we can’t take a chance. Can’t wait to come play for you soon…

New album, first single!

“Hear ye, hear ye!” The Claudettes’ new album “High Times in the Dark” (produced by Ted Hutt) arrives April 3, 2020 on Forty Below Records! Look up their roster–we’re proud to be part of it, and are psyched as can be about this music. We’ll be playing tons of shows starting April, but NOW you can pre-order the album on CD or purple vinyl AND immediately listen to the first single, “Bad Babe, Losin’ Touch.” Do all that here.
Tell everyone…and keep in touch ’til we see you next!
The Claudettes

Mountain Stage on NPR Music, last shows of 2019, more


We had such wonderful fun with the hosts, crew and other bands when we went to West Virginia to play the famed Mountain Stage radio show last month. Now, you can hear our whole set on NPR’s Mountain Stage page.

We have two more 2019 shows–see our showdates page, please…it’ll have 2020 show postings updated all the time, too.

Make sure to possess and wear out all our Yellow Dog Records releases, which are here

The new album, “High Times in the Dark,” comes out in 2020…all the details are coming SOON, as are four new music videos. Just you wait! (Not a menacing “just you wait”…more tantalizing than anything else…)

OK, you, have a red-hot winter…xoxo,
the Claudettes

Film fest…and then: film fests!

The Claudettes’ “Taco Night Material” video, created by Kate Stone, shows at the Coney Island Film Festival tomorrow night, Sept. 14! Kate spent countless hours (not true: she counted, and it was over a bajillion) filming this in real space. It’s a stop-motion-animation wonder…watch it and, if you can, go see it on the big screen on Coney Island (how fun!).

AND: a video coming next year, for our new song “The Sun Will Fool You” from our “High Times in the Dark” album (early 2020), won a “Best Music Video” award at the South Film and Arts Academy Festival in Chile, just last week! This was an early entry; you heard it first here: this work, by Dan Bigelow and Talon Nightshade, will be in many film fests in 2020. We can’t wait for you to see it (it was hand-drawn and animated over more than a year and a half).

We have a bunch of shows, from MN, IN and OH to NY and Boston and back to Chicago coming up…see the showdates here, come see us soon and tell your friends in these towns. OK–new videos and album are coming…check back here and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter……xoxo,
The Claudettes


What is up, you ask?

The Claudettes are pleased as pie to now be working with Mongrel Music! They’ll be booking us in North America. They have a magnificent roster of roots-music artists, and we’re proud to be part of it now.

New-album release news is coming. Two new videos are coming. We’re going to film some “songs in progress,” too. In the meantime, we have shows from the Midwest to East Coast and back coming. See all the dates here.

All our records, via Yellow Dog Records, are here. OK, be sweet and loving with each other,
The Claudettes