Come Piano Shopping with the Claudettes!

Hello, good people (and SHOO, bad people!) We have been going piano shopping and performing spontaneous “pop-up-style” songs while we’re at it. We started a web series, go ‘n’ see!:
Episode one on YouTube is here.
Episode two premieres at 5 p.m. CT Friday 9/29: Get notified and come chat with us and watch it live or after it premieres here.

We have new videos and songs coming SOON. In the meantime come see us in Chicago, KC, Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Omaha, Rockford and/or Oshkosh…we’re playing all those towns from this coming Saturday through late October…show dates here. xo!

Watching “The Bear”? If so, you are hearing Johnny Iguana’s compositions, we’ll have you know!

JQ, my old Them vs. Them partner, and I have written, played and recorded all the new original music for the score of The Bear (FX/Hulu). There’s also a wide-ranging soundtrack, from Nine Inch Nails to Wilco to AC/DC and way, way beyond, but JQ and I created all the new score pieces (seasons one and two). Hopefully this continues in season three…it’s been great fun and I believe our music is the best music on the show (of course I do! We’re good at this).

Prime example: that frenetic, arpeggio pizzicato string thing right at the top of the season two finale? I mostly improvised that piece, then we fine-tuned it…and it became sort of the unofficial season two theme…it’s in three or four episodes. JQ is also co-producing the new Claudettes music with me, coming soon!
–Johnny Iguana

Introducing Rachel Williams

Hello, everybody. After three albums and and EP, spanning six years, Berit Ulseth has moved on to new chapters in life, away from the Claudettes’ van. We love and miss her. As you all know, Berit is simply magnificent. We were unspeakably lucky to hear that voice all those years, in our practice space, on our stages and on our records.

We are also lucky to be able to look at a new future with a Chicago singer who already sang in a different band with our bassist Zach Verdoorn. Rachel Williams will be singing at all our shows and on some near-future recordings…we have been extremely busy in the practice space and will be breaking out TONS of new songs and wide-ranging covers…really, really, really wide…can’t wait for to see you all soon!

“Did you know?…”

…that we recorded four extra songs during the sessions for “The Claudettes Go Out!”?

Q: Ever failed at flirting? Ever elicited yawns when you were pining for a smoldering gaze? Here, now available on all platforms (including download), is our latest single, “I’m Bad at This.” It’s our first non-album single in a couple years. ’60s girl-group vibes live here, with some Lee Hazlewood country-pop gallop in there…please listen, subscribe and tell everyone…see you in spring

And here’s the album (“The Claudettes Go Out!). You should own it, or at least hear it. It’s something special:

Album release shows and more!

Hi! HERE is a Smartlink that takes you to “The Claudettes Go Out!” You can order it through the Forty Below Records online store there, or pre-add/pre-save via your favorite streaming service. But buy it, silly! Own it!

We play our Chicago album release show 10/7 at the Hideout, then play shows all across WI, MI, IN, IA and more in IL. See our shows page for all details. We have a bunch of new videos this year on YouTube and more to come, so follow us there and Spotify and Apple Music and everywhere else.

So: Go Out! and see us soon! xoxoxox….

“The Claudettes Go Out!”…the new album out 10/14!

Hi, lovies. Our new album “The Claudettes Go Out!” comes out on Forty Below Records on October 14. Please go pre-order it here. It’s one very fine thing that came out of a worldwide pandemic. Read about the sessions that went into it here.

We have 18 shows left in 2022, in IL, MI, WI, IN and IA. See our showdates page for details (we still have a show or two to add to that page). And if you haven’t already, sign up for Claudettes emails via the signup cell on this website’s homepage.

Come see us soon, and have fun, and take chances, and have adventures, xo,
The Claudettes

Two new singles are out…could a whole album be around the corner?

We’ve been busy beavers, you know. Please go and stream or download our new singles “Time Won’t Take Our Times Away” and “Park Bench.”

Here are some nice pieces that detail the stories behind the songs: via Medium and Big Takeover.

Next single (with a sassy video) comes in July.

We have shows coming up all over the globe…really…go ‘n’ see, then go ‘n’ see!

Keep in touch with us on Instragram, Facebook, Twitter, but mostly in real life, OK? xo,
The Claudettes