New Online-Only EP, and the Claudettes descend down into Norman’s Cellar…

Well, hi!
Yellow Dog Records, who were good enough to put out the first two Claudettes albums, are now offering an exclusive new online-only EP: “The Claudettes, Live in the Piano Room.” Read all about it, hear the songs, watch the videos of those intimate acoustic performances and, most importantly, get the EP (and our previous Yellow Dog Records releases) right here.

Speaking of videos: We have begun a series of (lucky) 13 live performance videos called “Live from Norman’s Cellar.” These are loud, full-throttle performances from a party full of top Chicago drag queens (including Claudettes bassist/singer Zach Verdoorn). You gotta see: go here.

Go to our shows tab up above here to find out where to see us near you soon…new shows are being added all the time.

Well all right…onward,
The Claudettes





The Claudettes in Winter

The Claudettes are not fond of driving in and out of Chicago in wintertime. But are we taking a break this winter? No, we’re filming and posting a series of at least 15 live-performance videos — some “unplugged” in the piano room at ig’s house, some full-on electric down in the dark, scary basement. We’re also writing new songs as producer Mark Neill (Black Keys, Old 97’s, Los Straitjackets, J. Roddy Walston & the Business, J.D. McPherson) puts the finishing touches on the mixes of the recordings we made with him at his Soil of the South Studio in Valdosta, GA.
Have a look at the shows that will bring us back to the stage this spring (many more to come), and watch the first of those music videos: our official entry to NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest.
See you soon, world…

We shall be busy beavers…just, indoors…

Whether the weather outside is frightful near you or not, we Claudettes hope you have a magnificently relaxing, peaceful holiday season.
We are ending our seven-month adventure in the van this Saturday night in Chicago with one last burst of music and merriment. Come if you can, and tell your Chicago people.

Then, we park Doris the Van in the garage for a couple months and continue all this writing we’ve been doing, work on the live show a lot (look out!), continue to reel in the mixes from Mark Neill for our 2017 album release and get ready to make a music video, too. So: this ain’t no time off! We’ll be back with all kinds of wacko stuff soon…
In the meantime, have a few cocktails and enjoy the winter!

2 x Independent Music Awards nominations

We were most pleased to find ourselves nominated for two 2016 Independent Music Awards: Best (Mainly) Instrumental album (“No Hotel”) and Best Instrumental Song (“Big Easy Women“). We won’t be able to attend the award festivities at Lincoln Center on Nov. 12 (we’ll be, yes, out playing shows), but maybe we’ll have something nice to add to the Claudettes trophy case. Thank you, IMAs!

Recording DONE. Mixes NOW. Shows COMING. CAPS LOCK wonky.

Recording with producer Mark Neill was cosmic. It’s no wonder his recordings with the likes of Black Keys (“Brothers”), J. Roddy Walston & the Business, J.D. McPherson, Los Straitjackets, Old 97’s, Paladins and many others manage to sound big and modern and also vintage and earthy all at the same time. He’s uniquely able to create such records. We’re already beaming with pride at ours, in his hands. The mixes are coming very soon.

In the meantime, we’re headed from Chicago to NYC to St. Louis to Minneapolis and more for shows spanning now through mid-December. Come see us!

Soil of the South!

The Claudettes were so happy to be contacted by Mark Neill, who produced the Black Keys’ breakthrough album “Brothers” as well as records by the Paladins, Old 97’s, J.D. McPherson, Los Straitjackets, J. Roddy Walston & the Business and more. All his records sound big, earthy, modern and vintage at the same time. Mark is producing our next album in September at his Soil of the South studio in Valdosta, GA. We’ll be playing a heap of new songs on tour all summer ’til we go down there and make what Mark guarantees is gonna be a very “spooky” sounding record. Quite awesome. Come see us on tour in the meantime, and please spread the word to your friends in these towns!


We’ve been workin’, workin’, workin, rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, keep those doggies rollin’, etc., the sparkling new lineup of the Claudettes. See the photos page and stay tuned for new recordings. In the meantime, see the photos page to look at us and the shows page to mark your calendars to come see us. Or, camp out outside our Ukrainian Village practice space and gawk/stalk.

New recording, new band members and other novelties

Hey hey!
We just finished recording a heap of new hot-stuff tracks with the Claudettes’ new singer, Berit Ulseth. Yana is off and running with theater/TV/film stuff, and can’t be bothered with the machinations of our admittedly overbearing overlord Claudette. We are now also featuring the many-splendored talents of singer/bassist Zach Verdoorn…come and see us soon (see the new showdates, which will greatly expand before long)!