Watch “The Sun Will Fool You”

“On the closing, utterly heartbreaking ‘The Sun Will Fool You,’ Berit Ulseth alternates effortlessly from knowing chanteuse to childlike innocence in a blink. Frankly, her work here is captivating”–LA Weekly

“The Claudettes set a lingering mood with ‘The Sun Will Fool You’ as Ulseth’s ethereal voice and Iguana’s piano sweetly sing a sad ballad that would not be out of place in an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical”–NPR

The Claudettes’ “The Sun Will Fool You” video (created by Daniel Vincent Bigelow and Talon Nightshade) has been selected by film festivals in California, Russia, the UK, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina…now you can see it here:

And two places to get the new album:

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the Claudettes