Film fest…and then: film fests!

The Claudettes’ “Taco Night Material” video, created by Kate Stone, shows at the Coney Island Film Festival tomorrow night, Sept. 14! Kate spent countless hours (not true: she counted, and it was over a bajillion) filming this in real space. It’s a stop-motion-animation wonder…watch it and, if you can, go see it on the big screen on Coney Island (how fun!).

AND: a video coming next year, for our new song “The Sun Will Fool You” from our “High Times in the Dark” album (early 2020), won a “Best Music Video” award at the South Film and Arts Academy Festival in Chile, just last week! This was an early entry; you heard it first here: this work, by Dan Bigelow and Talon Nightshade, will be in many film fests in 2020. We can’t wait for you to see it (it was hand-drawn and animated over more than a year and a half).

We have a bunch of shows, from MN, IN and OH to NY and Boston and back to Chicago coming up…see the showdates here, come see us soon and tell your friends in these towns. OK–new videos and album are coming…check back here and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter……xoxo,
The Claudettes