New wheels and vids; ‘tsup with you?

Doris II will cart us to Ohio this weekend, then she’s getting traded in for a brand-new Ford Transit, all-custom-like! You should climb in sometime.

Our West Coast/Canada tour was just outstanding, thanks to everyone who came and who helped put on the shows and festivals.

We’re playing Midwest and East Coast in the coming months, starting this Friday. Look ‘n’ SEE.

Our new album produced by Mark Neill (Black Keys, Old 97’s, Los Straitjackets, J.D. McPherson, Paladins…) is done. We’re looking for the right home for it. In the meantime, a solid SIX new music videos are coming: four live-in-studio, one conceptual video (with a sneak peak at that Mark Neill audio) and one animated video (by the artist who created this, once upon a time).

We’ll have more news soon. Come up and see us sometime,
p.s. Please avail yourself: all our currently available recordings are right HERE.